The Floating Spa

Andrew Parker
May 02, 2020

The Bota Bota spa located in the Old Port of the European-inspired Canadian city of Montreal, is a floating spa on the water that literally screams luxury and relaxation, but of course, does so as silently as possible since the exclusive spa is all about silence and keeping quiet at all times. It’s also a child-free environment to offer the ultimate get-away.  Ever since it’s opening back in 2010, the spa has seen nothing but success with both locals and tourists coming from across the world to experience this unique spa – offering both relaxing in an unbelievable setting and design.

We couldn’t think of a more indulgent experience than soaking up in a mineral-filled hot tub while enjoying one of the most scenic views yet, including the heart of Montreal’s bustling downtown, the historic Mount Royal, and of course, where the spa itself floats, the magical Old Port. For those travelers struggling with jet lag, the Bota Bota spa is also the ideal way to conquer fatigue and come out incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated. But other than the fact that this spa is on a boat, it’s also important to note that they are still a spa, meaning they offer some seriously indulgent treatments, with a wide variety of massages and facial treatments available. 

What really brings people in here, however, is the hydrotherapy circuit that plays with both heat and cold to nourish and relax your body, with a variety of saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis to offer the ideal experience. You’re likely to forget that you’re actually on a boat, as the spa appears to be a world of its own, closed off to everything and all worries, with both outdoor and indoor spaces set up for relaxation, with simple, yet highly modern and trendy hammocks, lounge chairs that you won’t want to get up from anytime soon.