The End of Shimmering Oil

Andrew Parker
May 30, 2023

Do you remember people applying shimmering oil to their bodies? This was trending back in 2018 and makeup brands like Huda Beauty and Nars jumped on the bandwagon and started selling these shimmering body oils. But it has been reported that Nymph by Huda Beauty has been the most popular brand selling shimmering body oils. They released different color essences for example champagne, copper, gold, and rose gold. These body oils were primarily scented body oils with glitter. Different influencers started making videos on how to use these oils for different reasons for example makeup, moisturizing, etc. However, according to our research, these body shimmer oils have left the market or are serving a niche market.

What makes us think that these body oils have left the market? People have stopped purchasing such items and brands that were constantly promoting them have stopped doing so. They are not keen on promoting them which is why people have moved on to alternative products. For instance, Huda Beauty used to promote their shimmering body oil by using it on the body, mixing it with a foundation for an illuminating foundation, highlighting moisturizer, etc. However, according to our research, people stopped investing in this product because this product might not be used in the summer season primarily. On the other hand, Huda Beauty has stopped selling these body oils due to low demand. But some brands are selling these body oils. They might be catering to the niche market that uses these body oils for miscellaneous reasons.

We have realized that it is not important for a product to be trending for brands to sell it. A product can be sold if it is serving a niche market; such products can be exclusive.