The Difference Between Walking and Running

Laura Lee
Aug 06, 2022

Are you looking to start your fitness journey but don’t know where to start? Well, you aren’t alone. There are many of us who would like to hit the ground running but don’t exactly know where to start or what we are doing. Now yes, you could easily go on social media and follow a fitness influencer. However, you may not always get the answers you are looking for. This is why it is best to approach a fitness expert. Now if you are shy, you don’t have to worry because for starters we will have you covered. So let us talk about walking and running first.

Group of women running together at park

Getty Images / DigitalVision / The Good Brigade

Before we get into the differences between walking and running from a physical fitness perspective, you have to know that before you can run, you have to walk. This is simply to ensure your cardio health is up to shape. Now when it comes to walking and running, you will see that they are both commonly used during fitness. This is because there are great benefits to running or walking. As far as differences go the first difference can expect between these two is how they are done. To simply put it when walking all you are doing is taking brisk steps at a moderate rate.

If you are walking to keep physically fit, you won’t walk at the same pace as you usually do. Instead, you will start off slow and moderately increase your speed. You may not think it, but speed walking can do wonders for your health and help you break a sweat. Now when it comes to running, you will be moving much faster. You will be using your entire body to move forward. Running will also require you to use more of your lung capacity and your heart. This is because your blood will start pumping much faster than it ordinarily does. Now that you know the differences between walking and running you can see where you should start.