The Best Way to Declutter According to Different Countries

Laura Lee
Mar 06, 2021

It’s so easy to slowly pile up lots of things in the wrong places throughout a busy work week. But sadly even the most perfectly designed house can end up looking bad due to clutter. Each person has their favorite way of keeping their place organized, but here are some tips based on different countries around the world and how they declutter.

Scandinavian Minimalism

Dining table with croissants on top

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In Scandinavia, interior design is all about minimalism and practicality. This means stackable chairs, thin-framed fixtures, hidden-store furniture, handle-free drawers and cupboards, and monochromatic décor. One accent color should tie the room together.

Mexican Colors

Colorful interior design

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Mexico is all about colorful and loud spaces. But this doesn’t mean messy. Their interior décor is earthy but practical. This means light-colored walls, patterned drapes to hide storage areas, practical decoration items such as fruit bowls, and chest-looking coffee tables that serve as storage. Another tip: large plants serve the purpose of bringing the outside inside and also create a sense of a larger space.

Japanese Calm

Sofa in a modern living room

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Japanese interiors follow a simple rule: keep it minimal and refined. This means lower furniture to make the room appear taller, minimal soft furnishings, built-in hidden storage in walls, and gentle lighting. A good Japanese interior design trick is using diffuse lighting around the room instead of one harsh light source.

British Tradition

Loft studio apartment with wooden floors and white walls

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If Mexico embraces colors and Scandinavia even appreciates a pop of color throughout the room, Britain is all about good old white walls. The British are all about orderly interiors. This means having a console table where you can hide your mess in drawers, a hidden-storage item of furniture such as a pouf, and wall lighting instead of floor-standing lamps. To create a fun focal point, add a fireplace or large art piece.