The Best Hat Style For You

Claire Miles
Oct 29, 2021

Winter is right around the corner, and we know that you’re ready to bring out the woolies and wrap up nice and warm. Just like with clothes and body shapes, it’s important that you dress your head for your face shape. Everyone is unique and different, and one size does not fit all. That’s why we’re here to help you determine which hat style is best for you.

Count yourself lucky if you have an oval face shape; you can pull off almost any hat style, it’s pretty much up to you. Have a play around and maybe try something fashion-forward. A triangular face has virtually endless options too. The main tip here is to find a hat with a good width that’ll complement your face by widening your brow line and minimizing your strong jawline. Heart-shaped faces also have a lot of styles to play with, but it’s best to avoid wide-brimmed styles in order to balance out your wider forehead. Try slanting the hat to one side, as this will draw attention to the eyes instead.

 woman with hat, sitting at home, using laptop

Getty Images / Westend61 / Westend61

Styles with short brims are perfect for oblong or long faces, as this will prevent adding any unwanted height. Balance can be created by hats that sit across your forehead, and if beanies don’t seem to sit right, try creating width rather than height, with floppier styles or berets. Winter hats for square-shaped faces should be softer and floppier such as beanies and bowler hats, or something with circular features to soften the edges. These can add a nice roundness to the shape of your face. For those with round faces, the goal is to add some height like trilbys or high-brimmed fedoras. Hats that sit too low across your forehead should be avoided, as they will only emphasize the roundness. Try something with an off-center trim to add some asymmetry to your symmetrical face.

Tips for avoiding hat-hair: try pulling your hair up into a chignon on your crown under the hat or at the bottom of the hat by the nape of your neck. If you’re planning on wearing your hair down, you can employ the same trick by just pinning a small amount of hair into a chignon on your crown. This way, when you take your hat off, you can unpin the chignon and it will be full and wavy.