The Best Day Trips To Take From Budapest

Marc Gordon
Jun 16, 2020

In recent years, Budapest has become one of the more popular European travel destinations – and for good reason. The Hungarian capital is known for its stunning Eastern European architecture as well as its hearty and delicious cuisine. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that its situated right on the Danube river, which offers tourists both soothing water views and an array of luxurious cruises. However, the fact that Budapest is full of fun and fascinating activities doesn’t mean that you need to remain in the city for the entirety of your vacation. For anyone looking for a quick escape from the urban streets, there are plenty of local day-trips you can take which will definitely keep your stay in Budapest interesting.

One of the more popular day-trip destinations from Budapest is Lake Batalon. Located a mere hour and a half away from the Hungarian capital city, visiting this lake is a great way to pack some nature and serenity into your busy vacation schedule. Also, Batalon just happens to be the largest lake in all of Central Europe, so its definitely worth a visit. The area is surrounded by cute small towns such as Siofok, whose sparkling shores feature ferry boats, sunbathers, and a lovely Ferris wheel. In addition, there are also plenty of historic and beautiful vineyards scattered across the area.

Eger Hungary

Getty Images/Marián Hudák/EyeEm

If you’re more interested in old architecture than nature, then a trip to the beautiful city of Eger is probably right up your alley. The journey from Budapest is just a couple of hours by train, and it’s definitely worth it. The charming city is home to the medieval Castle of Eger, which you can explore at leisure with your family. A trip to the castle is definitely a fun way to get a taste of the country’s ancient history. Apart from that, there are plenty of examples of breathtaking architecture that one will find dispersed throughout the city of Eger, particularly in its charming Old Town. Clearly, there is plenty to explore on the outskirts of Budapest. All you need is a map, a pair of sneakers, and your wanderlust spirit.