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The Benefits of a Korean Skincare Routine

Laura Lee
Jul 30, 2022

The advent of Korean dramas and their popularity have focused the attention from the content of the drama to the skin care regimes of many celebrities. This is because Korean skin has been in such good health that it has caused a stir in recent times. Many celebrities have started using Korean skincare after it got pretty famous. Every nation’s skincare is an exhibit of its own techniques and cultures incorporated together e.g Koreans believe that beauty is associated with the snail mucin that is widely used in Korea.

Korean skincare is aimed at prevention and the major goal is to avoid any damage to the skin from an early level, however, western skin care is more focused on treatment. They start using treatments after a very long time such as in the late areas of their time after the 40s or in their late 20s. The American brands are more focused on their marketing while the Koreans have been known to put extensive research into their products to ensure that their women stay fresh and active in their later ages. Moreover, Korean companies are extremely skilled in their marketing. They do not promise quality only but also promise effectiveness and that in fact does get successful. Women that use Korean skincare claim that the products are very less detrimental to their skin as Koreans use natural products unlike chemical compounds in western beauty products.

Moreover, the latest skincare trends in the market are brought by Gen Z and the millennials and Koreans know what they are targeting. They advertise the idea of glass skin- a skin free of any or all blemishes, dark pigmentation and freshness. Thus, their sheet masks and such products are extremely popular in the skincare market. Korean skincare is a more personalized form of skincare that deals with every environment and weather.