The Art of Organizing Your Workspace

Andrew Parker
Dec 11, 2022

Work – some love it, some hate it. Some live for work, others would rather die than sit down at their desks and crank through an assignment. Regardless of how much one enjoys their labor, it suffices to say that each and every human being is required to work. Given that we all have to work, it becomes increasingly important to be efficient so that the task is completed quicker, and you have more time to pursue topics that you find more stimulating.

The question arises: How can you become a more efficient worker? One of the ways that have been scientifically proven to boost your efficiency is to manipulate your workspace to optimize productivity. That gives rise to another, more practical question: How can you design your workspace to motivate you to work? The answer lies in simplicity.

Firstly, declutter your personal workspace. Remove any old books that you have lying around on your desk. Wipe away any residual crumbs left over from last night’s dinner. Clean away the tear stains that poured onto the maple after you opened your previous report card. Make sure that the only things left on your desk are those resources that are absolutely vital; For a student, these may consist of pens, pencils, highlighters, and whatever reading material they have due.

Secondly, place a little to-do list at the corner of the desk. This should summarize all of the activities you intend to accomplish for the day – as the saying goes: you can’t hit a target that you can’t see. Finally, decorate the area around the desk in a way that engages you – In a way that makes sitting down and working enjoyable. This is perhaps most important, for as they say: The person that loves walking will walk farther than the person who loves the destination.