Team-Building Exercises

Claire Miles
Mar 10, 2023

Be it a college orientation, a society meeting, or a new batch of staff at the office, team-building exercises are a great way to break the ice between peers and establish a sense of friendship and comradery between them. A great amount of intra-team and inter-team activities can be used for this purpose and both of them help break the nervousness of entering a new place. Professional sports hold regular team-building exercises because much of their success depends upon teamwork and collaboration.

Some of the team-building exercises might seem rather childish or mundane. For example, a simple dinner where the team gets to know each other outside of work and on a personal level can be a great team-building exercise. Similarly, the games that you might not have seen since the sports day at school can be great intergroup activities. This can include tug-of-war or even I-spy. You could host a manager vs associate’s soccer match or let them play badminton with each other. If your team shows resistance in contact sports, maybe they are more suited to board games or other indoor games. If even that does not work, then perhaps hosting an in-house movie comedy show could help them bond.

What you need to keep in mind is the philosophy of friendship where we all know that children are better at befriending each other as compared to adults. So, what team-building exercises need to do is awaken the inner child in their adult teams which would allow them to befriend each other. Once you have understood this process, it does not matter what activity you pick as long as you are sure about it and can see your team bond with each other when they actively participate in them. Whatever the activity is, it is sure to bring the team closer together.