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Taylor Swift Has A New Documentary On Netflix

Laura Lee
Feb 23, 2020

Taylor Swift released her new Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” this past January. The film gives fans some insight into the last couple of years in Swift’s life, a period which she says was very transformative for her. Those watching her closely know that it was during this time that she basically disappeared from the public eye, and now we know why. According to the documentary, Swift was busy getting her priorities in check.

In the film, Swift portrays the values she was taught in her childhood as hindering to her adult self. She was taught to be a good girl, which meant always being polite and respectful. For years, she upheld this “American Sweetheart” image, but she suffered, feeling suffocated while working in the male-dominated music industry. Eventually, she decided to break free of these labels, although nothing about it would be easy.

The documentary covers her sexual assault trial that took place back in 2017. At the time, a radio DJ sued her, after Swift alleged that he had groped her during a meet and greet, which apparently caused him to lose his job. Swift countersued him and gave a moving testimony, demanding that he take accountability for his actions and refusing to accept the blame that was placed upon her.

Recently, Swift also waded into the waters of politics, a controversial move that earned her both serious criticism as well as praise. The film depicts the struggle she faced as she attempted to convince her management team that this was a good idea and that she needed to use her platform to speak out. Swift posted on her Instagram about the change from her previously non-political persona and stressed the importance of voting, causing a huge spike in voter registrations over the following 24 hours.
Swift also talked about her battle with an eating disorder, something that was completely unknown to her many fans prior to the documentary. In one segment, she recalls that she would starve herself upon seeing a headline asserting that she was pregnant or noting a recent weight gain.

The documentary is 1 hour and 30 minutes what goes on behind the scenes of Taylor Swift’s life. Understandably, she doesn’t give us full access to everything, but we do get bits and pieces, little moments of her life. Pieced together, we get a fuller picture and are able to appreciate what it means to be in the public eye – both the perks and the consequences.