Tash Sultana Is Starting A New Phase In Her Career

Claire Miles
Oct 17, 2019

If you don’t know who Tash Sultana is yet, you are going to soon. The singer-songwriter, loop pedal extraordinaire has been crushing it as a solo performer. But it turns out that Tash has new plans in the works. Tash posted a video of herself jamming out on her guitar and captioned it, “I’ll be closing this wonderful chapter.” Tash spoke with her management and decided that it will be the live set up that is changing. She clarified that expanding from a one-man show to a band was always in her plans. “No one knows exactly what it’s going to look like, but we do know it won’t be 100 per cent solo performer on stage anymore.” As of right now, Tash is going to take a break after this next tour to work on new material and come back with a bang.

“I’ve learnt this lesson myself in the last couple of months because I’ve been really sick and just had to cancel heaps of shows and tours and go home and get better, spend some time in a health lodge because I’ve pretty much just started losing grip on reality. Now I’m feeling great and every day, so far, has been really awesome on the other side of all that shit and it’s just made me realise, you step on these big stages in front of all these beautiful people and after that you just go home to yourself, your partner, and your dog and it’s a pretty crazy contrast, which one is more important? Or are they just as important? I don’t know I’m 22 so I want to do a lot with my life, I’m obviously always going to do music but I also just want to disappear for a bit at some point too.”