Switzerland Hotel Offers A Luxury Coronavirus-Themed Package

Laura Lee
Apr 19, 2020

Due to the current pandemic, people haven’t been able to get out of their houses much. The social distancing restrictions have been pretty rough on everyone. Fortunately, there is a way to make the current shelter-in-place restrictions work to your benefit, by booking yourself a long stay at a luxury hotel. Just recently, Swiss hospitality company Le Bijou announced what they describe as their “COVID-19 Service.” The customizable package offers optional add-ons like round-the-clock nurse care, personal doctor visits, and in-room coronavirus testing services. The package is perfect for anyone who wants a top-notch quality hotel experience in Switzerland, without compromising their health in any way.

It was a logical move for the Swiss hotel to commence a Cornonavirus-friendly package. After all, Le Bijou prides itself on being one of a growing number of hospitality chains to offer fully automated hotel units. And they make that pretty clear when you begin your booking process; their slogan is “Hotel service, without the other people.” Automated rooms mean that guests have no need to interact with anyone during their stay, including check-in. There are no staff members at Le Bijou, apart from cleaners. Instead, guests have access to a private app along with a remote 24-hour concierge service where they can order a personal chef, groceries, massages, and cabs.

chambermaid cleaning a room

Getty Images/Alistair Berg/DigitalVision

Le Bijou co-founder Alexander Hubner dubbed their hotel units “luxury Airbnbs.” This is a pretty accurate description, as each of their units includes special luxury amenities like fireplaces, private gyms, jacuzzis, saunas. The rooms also come with a full-service kitchen so that guests can have their choice of gourmet meals. The price of a stay a Le Bijou is pretty hefty, especially an extended stay that includes their latest health-centered package. A 14-day stay could cost around $77,500. The luxury chain has 42 properties which are dispersed across several Swiss cities.