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Superfoods That Are Full Of Health Benefits

Laura Lee
Jan 14, 2020

Staying healthy isn’t always easy. With all the fast food available on the market today, making the conscious decision to go for a healthy, home-cooked meal instead is not always our first instinct. However, there are some little tricks you can try to make your meals a little healthier. One of those tricks is simply adding more superfoods to your diet. And it doesn’t necessarily involve more cooking. By sprinkling some of these nutrient-packed ingredients throughout your day, you’ll be feeling healthier in no time. Here are a few of our faves.


blueberries in yogurt

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Berries are a favorite at breakfast tables around the world. They’re great for sprinkling on top of yogurt, mixing into dry cereals, or throwing in the blender for the perfect smoothie. If you’re feeling like a treat, blueberry pancakes are a no-brainer. But berries are not only delicious, but they’re also incredibly nutritious. Full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, berries contain a strong antioxidant capacity which is known to be associated with a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

Dark Leafy Greens

kale on a cutting board

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Most of us hated eating our vegetables when we were kids. Especially the really green vegetables. But as adults, taking in the vitamins in these green veggies is probably the best thing we could do for our bodies. Dark leafy greens are a wonderful source of nutrients like folate, zinc, iron, and calcium. These super-veggies have the potential to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, as well as the ability to protect certain kinds of cancer. From kale to collard greens, to plain old spinach, the options are endless.

Green Tea

mug of green tea

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Hailing from China, green tea is a slightly caffeinated drink with a wide range of healing properties. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds, green tea is a great cure for inflammation. One of its antioxidants, known as EGCG, has the ability to protect the body against chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, studies show that the blend of caffeine and catechins in this beverage make it a potential weight loss tool for some.


woman holding a bowl of eggs

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Eggs have long been a controversial subject in the health world, due to their high cholesterol content. Nevertheless, they remain one of the most nutrient-rich foods out there. Loaded with high-quality protein, whole eggs also contain B vitamins, choline, selenium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and iron. Additionally, the antioxidants found in eggs are known to protect vision and maintain healthy eyes. While they do contain a high level of cholesterol, eating eggs is said to increase “good” HDL cholesterol in some people, which can ultimately lead to a reduction in heart disease risk.