Stunning Montana 'Castle' Listed At $13.9 Million

Marc Gordon
Aug 09, 2020

While most celebrities choose to reside in major cities like New York and LA, some stars such as Johnny Depp and Dennis Quaid have chosen to make Montana their home. While this choice might surprise some people, Montana is actually home to some truly stunning real estate properties. One such property exists in Billings, Montana, and is currently up for sale. For those looking for a truly majestic living experience, this might just be the perfect home. Priced at $13.950,000, this stunning home has quite a few castle-like amenities, including a turret, a drawbridge, and a moat. Yes, an actual moat. Amazingly, the beautiful exterior of the house is equally matched by the home’s interior, which is truly fit for royalty. Spanning over a whopping 30,843 square feet, this expansive home is built on a 100-acre property, making it the ideal home for families seeking plenty of space and privacy. Altogether, the mansion includes 10 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, multiple kitchens, and 14 garages. However, it also features many more luxurious indoor amenities, such as a shooting range, a yoga room, a fitness center, a two-lane bowling alley, a golf simulator, and several swimming pools. In terms of decor, the home has an air of old-fashioned luxury. For instance, it features winding circular staircases that look exactly like the kind one would find in an ancient castle. However, the mansionĀ also features a more contemporary form of commuting between its five flights, in the form of a circular elevator.


Getty Images/Mint Images/Mint Images RF

“Complete with a draw bridge and turret…with over 30,000 Sq. Ft. of handsomely appointed living space well situated on 98 acres, this multi-level stately property boasts 10 ensuites, a total of 15 full and 4 half bathrooms, five-story glass circular elevator, private guest quarters and a nine stall garage capable of housing 14 cars,” One realtor wrote in a description of the property on Facebook. “Additional amenities include a theater, indoor shooting range, two-lane bowling alley, golf simulator, three swimming pools, walking trails and so much more.”