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Powerful Photographs That Capture Defining Moments In History
By Laura Lee - March 29, 2022

History is an account of change, it’s the moments that the world shifted on its axis and life was transformed -without change, there is no history. If nothing ever changes then there’s nothing to remember. One of the greatest contributors to our modern understanding of history is the photograph, lucky or intrepid photographers use their tool of choice to record major moments of change for the future. These are some of the most powerful images of the past that show us how the world moved.

The First Camera Phone Photograph Ever Taken, Featuring The Photographer’s Newborn Son, 1997

The cellphone camera has come to be as ubiquitous as wearing shoes, something that is so commonplace that we simply take it for granted. From the first moments of its implementation, the technology has captured some of the greatest moments in a person’s life.