Stobo Castle | The Ultimate Escape

Claire Miles
Mar 24, 2023

You may have heard of destination weddings happening in grand palaces, but have you ever thought of a spa in a castle? Regardless, this may be the perfect relaxation spot for you!
In today’s busy world everyone can use a break from the hustle and bustle. Stobo Castle, Scotland’s only destination spa, is the perfect place to plan your next hiatus from your monotonous work schedules. The castle is situated in the countryside of the Scottish borders where it is surrounded by vast pine forests and a tranquil lake. While it serves as a hotel as well, it is perhaps best known for being Scotland’s best destination spa.

The castle is an excellent escape for anyone wanting to unwind in a luxurious haven coupled with its fine hospitality. While the castle may date back to 1811, its infrastructure incorporates highly advanced spa technologies and several other facilities. The spa offers custom spa experiences to suit your body’s needs. Their state-of-the-art spa facilities include treatments that revitalize, detoxify, and smooth your skin.

Couple in bathrobes drinking coffee while enjoying breakfast at hotel - stock photo

Getty Images / Maskot / Maskot

Spas are a perfect way to unwind and indulge your senses. The castle offers an opportunity to experience constant tinkles of ice crystals coupled with serene music, in their Crystal Steam Room. If you thought this was it, they also provide you a chance to indulge in advanced hydro spas.

If you’d rather enjoy fine dining while your family members experience the spa, their new menus offer the best of local and seasonal produce. The castle serves a variety of options to accommodate all kinds of taste preferences and palates. The entrees are coupled with a fine selection of cocktails, fine wine, and decadent desserts. Last but certainly not least, if you’d rather feel like spending your getaway productively, you can always hit their fitness area and maintain your workout routine while enjoying the breathtaking views the Scottish countryside has to offer. If you are seeking serenity with luxury, this is the place to be.