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Spice Things Up With These Filipino Dishes

Laura Lee
Sep 24, 2020

Apart from its sparkling blue beaches, colorful jeepney busses, and truly unbeatable mangos, the Philippines also has one most unique and flavorful cuisines in the world. Influenced by Spanish cooking, as well as the cuisines of other surrounding Asian countries, Filipino food is the perfect blend of cultures and flavors. Here are a few beloved and tasty dishes that are bound to be served in every Filipino household.



Getty Images/automidori/Moment

No list of Filipino dishes would be complete without adobo, since this tangy chicken recipe can be found in almost every Filipino family cookbook. Back in the day, when there was no refrigeration, Filipinos found that cooking the chicken or pork in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, and soy sauce was the perfect way to preserve the meat.



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Many cultures have their own version of a quick and easy noodle dish. In the Philippines, Pancit Bihon falls exactly into this category. Commonly served at parties and even just regular weekday dinners, this beloved stir-fried dish is made of rice noodles, soy sauce, and some variety of sliced meat or seafood.



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In Filipino culture, nothing goes to waste, and that is clearly proven by this dish. Sisig is made up of pork, and we mean every part of the pork, including cheeks, head, and liver. The dish is left to sizzle until the texture of the meat mixture is crunch and chewy. Served best with a cold drink, and some hot sauce, of course.