Souvenirs to Avoid While on Vacation

Andrew Parker
Jan 30, 2020
We all want to collect as many memories of incredible vacations in as many forms as possible. Of course, taking pictures for Instagram or a family photo album are vacation musts. But also physical reminders of the places we visited are just as important. Memorable souvenirs are a hallmark of vacations that will remind you of your trip for years. In every major city, plenty of souvenir shops line the streets welcoming visitors from all over the globe. But the truth is that there are some souvenirs that you need to avoid for a bunch of good reasons. Aside from taking a look around your house realizing kitschy, useless plastic memorabilia scatter your shelves, there are other more potentially serious consequences to taking home tokens from abroad.
Girl admiring the view of mountains in Brazil

Via Reshot

Each location around the world has its own special produce or plant you enjoyed each day on your trip. Maybe you’ve never had a native fruit before and you must have it at home. Or you see a plant that would look great in your front yard. But beware, taking a piece of produce or plant home with you is potentially illegal. It could damage the natural flora and fauna of the area where you live. The rule of thumb is to leave nature alone! The same thing goes for animal products. Let’s say you’re diving in the Red Sea and find the coolest shell or starfish on the beach. Taking it back home with you could cause major problems. Instead, take a photo of the animal you’re contemplating picking up. The goal is to preserve all species. You’ll also run into some problems with customs when you’re in the airport. Trust us, don’t do it.