Singapore Travel Guide

Marc Gordon
Jun 18, 2022

Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia and considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is an island country so it is best for traveling and having a great time there. Singapore is one the wealthiest and richest countries and the facilities might be expensive with fine dining, luxurious hotels and malls. But it can’t be ignored that Singapore has a lot of natural beauty. There are a lot of options for traveling according to your budget. Singapore also has a great transport system which is very helpful for the new tourists, once you get the hang of the metro system the cheap traveling makes the journey more accommodating. There is also no language barrier to hinder your stay as most of the people speak English and the signs are also in English.

Singapore Zoo is a must visit with its man made natural habitat makes the experience more worthwhile. The animals are well treated with a clean environment. There are lions, tigers, chimpanzees, kangaroos and many other creatures. Orchard Road is an amazing place for the shopping addicts. There are 22 malls with more than 6 departmental shops. There are high end stores at every turn with many international food places. Cinemas and karaokes are also for entertainment purposes. Singapore Flier is the best place to see the whole of Singapore as far as the Spice Islands of Indonesia. It is the world’s largest observation wheel made and it is an unforgettable experience. Siloso Beach is another tourist attraction for the families who want to spend quality time. There are many water related activities as well as swimming with the dolphins or the experience of Underwater world aquarium. National Gallery Art is the largest modern art collection in Southeast Asia with preserving the art of local Asian artists, it is a must visit.