Shoes You Can Wear All Year Round

Laura Lee
Sep 26, 2022

Everyone hates when the seasons change because it usually means that you have to pack away a few of your favorite fashion items. Having to pack away your favorite items can be so annoying especially if it goes well with anything. The same can be said for shoes. You may think that you can only wear specific shoes at certain times of the year but you are wrong. That’s right, there are a few shoes that you can actually wear all year round. This means that you might not have to pack away your favorite pair of heels just yet.

Various pair of shoes with boxes against white background

Getty Images / fStop / Larry Washburn

The main reason why you may pack away your shoes when the seasons change is that they may not be practical for that season. This is especially common when it goes from summer to winter. You can’t exactly continue wearing your sandals when it’s pouring rain outside. However, this doesn’t actually apply to all your shoes. You see there are shoes that you can easily wear all year round regardless of the seasons changing. The first pair of shoes you can wear all year round are sneakers. Sneakers can honestly be worn at any time regardless of the weather outside.

This means you can wear them the entire year. Next, we have heels. Even though there are so many different types of heels, you can’t wear some of them all year round. However, you can wear closed-toe heels all year round. With the toes being closed, you are able to year them in summer and especially during winter when it is cold and wet outside. Lastly, you may not think it but you can in fact wear boots all year round. Boots make for a great shoe because it goes with any kind of weather. See you don’t have to pack all your shoes away because the seasons change.