Screen-Free Vacation Time

Andrew Parker
Apr 21, 2023

We all know how our lives are basically just revolving around the usage of phones. This has become so addictive that we forget to actually enjoy the place we are at. This article will focus on places that you can visit to ensure that you stay away from your phone and also talk you through the ways of helping you stay away from any form of phone usage.

To begin with, it is important that you start off by making up your mind that you won’t be using your phone. This is extremely important as only you and your mind have the energy to stay focused and determined on a task. Furthermore, you could also install apps such as timer and screen-free hours to ensure that you don’t overdo with any kinds of screens on the trip. Not only this, try getting a camera for the trip. Many people don’t realize that they keep on using the phone while they are just scrolling through pictures. Getting a camera for yourself will not only yield better pictures but also help you get rid of your phone addiction. Another great hack is to charge your phone very less. It is literally hard to find sockets on your trip so this is a golden opportunity for you to not recharge your phone very frequently. This will help you allow you to use your phone very less.

Another great hack is to visit places that are known to have poor wifi and internet services, maybe due to the topography. This will help you to avoid your phone because at a certain point you will get done with your phone and would want other recreational activities. Thus, in turn, will help you enjoy the trip to its fullest.