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Scrapbooking Ideas

Claire Miles
Mar 22, 2022

No matter how old you are scrapbooking is for everyone. Now you may be interested in starting your scrapbooking hobby but where do you start? Are there rules to this? Well, that’s what we are all here to find out. No one really knows how to get started with scrapbooking. All they know is that they want to do it and that it involves the collection of pictures. But it really wouldn’t hurt to have a few tips and ideas before you start scrapbooking.

The entire point of scrapbooking is to simply capture your memories in the form of a book hence the name. Now because it is you capturing your memories, you should remember that your scrapbook should be a reflection of who you are. It should showcase your personality and interests. This simply means that if you are into cheater print for example, then you should go ahead and have a cheater print theme in your book.

Now if you are looking for a more specific theme these ideas will definitely help. A common theme in the scrapbooking world would have to be the vintage theme. With a vintage theme, you are able to take those old family photos and treat them with charm. You will be able to get vintage-like embellishments at your local arts and crafts stores to help decorate your book. If you are looking to break the mold with your scrapbook, it can definitely be done.

Ordinarily, scrapbooks are in books. However, there isn’t a rule that says it has to be. Your scrapbook can be in any shape that you like. So if you are looking to create a beautiful storyboard in the shape of a triangle you can, the choice is really yours. Speaking of size, you could even take things a step further can create mini scrapbooks. These types of scrapbooks make for the perfect gifts. You see there aren’t any rules to scrapbooking, you can really go while with your ideas.