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Restaurant Hires 9-Year-Old To Doodle On Their Walls

Laura Lee
Dec 15, 2019

When it comes to parenting, each child needs to be treated differently, according to their individual needs and requirements. This is especially true when it comes to tests and grades. There are some students who find it difficult to learn in the traditional way. When they fail in the classroom, these children often get reprimanded by their school teachers, and then at home by their parents. But luckily for Joe Whale a 9-year-old boy from Shrewsbury, England, this was definitely not the case. When Joe’s mom and dad learned that he kept getting in trouble for doodling during class, they had a totally different reaction altogether. Instead of punishing him for his colorful creations, they decided to encourage his talent in a more nurturing environment.

Whale’s parents sent him to special after-school art classes, and as they would later discover, they clearly made the right decision. Because not only were the classes a fun way for Joe to spend his afternoons, but he was also able to channel his creative energy in a way that never could have happened in his regular classes. Eventually, Joe’s art caught the eye of his art teacher, who uploaded a picture to her social media account. As fate would have it, her post got the attention of a local restaurant called Number 4. The owners promptly invited Joe to decorate their walls with his doodles. Naturally, he did a great job, and the final results speak for themselves.

Today, Joe’s dad drives his son to the restaurant every day after school to complete his doodle murals. Their story is an inspiration to parents everywhere who just want to see their kids succeed, and most importantly, be able to do what they love. Hopefully, more parents will be like Joe’s parents, who saw their child’s talent being smothered and took the necessary actions to allow him to flourish, outside the classroom.