Reebok's Sustainable Collection

Marc Gordon
Dec 01, 2019

Due to the immense amount of plastic and waste that is taking over the environment, people have been putting their best foot forward, literally. Reebok fashion designer, Nicole McLaughlin has just created a new kind of way to save the world one step at a time. “In a bid to promote sustainable fashion, the designer upcycles random materials to create extremely cool fashion pieces- including a bra made from cargo pants and very trendy summer sliders made form an old Capri Sun pouch,” according to Unilad. Mclaughlin’s initiative is her creative way of saving the environment. By reducing, reusing, and recycling rubbish, she has thought of a perfect way to make use of the once used.

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The Boston-based designer is collaborating with Reebok to create a 17-piece collection that is entirely sustainable. Including footwear, clothing, and accessories, each item is made using old and new Reebok products. McLaughlin was inspired by Reebook’s heritage that each piece is “one of one, handmade, and highlights the beauty of secondhand goods.” Sustainable fashion is slowly become a new trend in today’s fashion world due to the overflow of trash consuming our environment. Even though all consumers don’t believe that reusing materials and trash is the most sanitary way of wearing clothes, Unilad says that “Nicole’s designs are encouraging people to become more ethically-minded consumers.”

McLaughlin spoke with Teen Vogue saying, “I was getting really inspired by vintage clothing and sportswear from the ’80s and ’90s,” she said. “Reebok had such a rich history of those things. I started doing a lot of research, and naturally found myself trying to construct product in the rawest form, like stapling things and just kind of figuring it out as I went along.”