Reasons To Visit Europe This Winter

Andrew Parker
Dec 21, 2021

Winter is a great time to visit Europe. Even though it might be colder than other regions, this continent has so much to offer. There are several reasons for which you should take up that opportunity. Here are some of the reasons you should travel to Europe this season.

Snow Activities

Family on skiing holiday

Getty Images / Image Source / Jakob Helbig

Many of the most beautiful spots in Europe are turned into snowy playgrounds that showcase all kinds of winter sports and activities during this time. While the Alps are popular for skiing, snowboarding and sledding, further north in the Arctic, Scandinavians and Finns engage in winter surfing.

Christmas Markets

Christmas Market with Church of Our Lady in the background

Getty Images / Moment / Harald Nachtmann

The holiday celebrations begin with the famous Christmas markets that emerge everywhere in Europe during December. People from all walks of life come to visit these markets for various reasons such as enjoyment, sales and even just to take photos! Each market has a different theme, some celebrate Christmas while others are focused on Saint Nicholas.

Museums & Cultural Activities

Louvre in the winter

Getty Images / EyeEm / Luc Thibault

Even though many museums and cultural institutions close during December, a great deal remains open to the public over the holidays. The Louvre in Paris closes from December 25 to January 1 while some other institutions such as the Vatican Museum stay open year-round. One great idea is to visit the museums that are open during this time because of their special exhibits. Museums that are completely closed for refurbishments will also be offering activities such as guided tours, workshops and lectures.