Preparing Your Closet for Winter

Claire Miles
Oct 04, 2022

As the seasons change so does what you wear. But this is also why you get certain clothes made for certain seasons. But just because the season is ready to change, doesn’t mean your closet it. If you have an unprepared closet, you might end up wearing something that really doesn’t fit the weather. For example, if it goes from summer to winter, you might end up wearing a dress or clothes that aren’t thick enough to be worn in winter. So how do you prepare your closet for winter? Well, there are a few things you can do to prepare your closet for winter.

Portrait Of Smiling Young Woman Standing Outdoors During Winter

Getty Images / EyeEm / Javier Sánchez Mingorance

Preparing your closet for a season change is much like getting dressed in the morning. You should start with your tops first. In summer it is okay to wear tops that are short-sleeved and even cropped. Now you aren’t able to wear these same tops during winter. This means that you should fold and pack up all your summer tops. Next, you will replace that empty space in your closet with thicker and more winter-appropriate tops. After your tops come to your bottoms. With that said, you will now look at all of your bottoms. This will include shorts, tights, and jeans.

During winter, you can’t really wear shorts or skirts. Well, you can wear skirts except you will need to wear something under them. Simply, take all your summer bottoms and much like your tops, fold them up and place them in storage. You will then replace your summer bottoms with winter bottoms. This will likely be thicker pants and jeans without any holes in them. Next, you will move on to your shoes. In summer we tend to wear shoes that show off our toes. Unfortunately, that won’t be a good idea during winter. This means that you should get your boots and sneakers ready.