Popular Music in Other Parts of the World

Laura Lee
Sep 30, 2022

Do you consider yourself a well-traveled person? Well if you do then you would know that every country is different. Not only is every country different because of where it is but because of what it has to offer. With that said, you may not know this but every country has its own taste in music. This is how we have musicians from all over the world. Now you may not have explored or even hear of some artists because they aren’t seen as popular in your country. Luckily you have us. We are here to give you insight into popular music in other parts of the world.

Woman dancing with red headphones against blue wall

Getty Images / Moment / Sergey Mironov

Just because you haven’t heard of a song or an artist doesn’t mean it isn’t popular. But that’s why it is essential to explore. Remember, music is a universal language so you might just find something you really like. With that said, our first stop is South Africa. Along with its rich history, South Africa is rich in music. So much so that it has many artists who perform all over the world. South Africa has created its own sound called House, Ghom, and Amapinano. Much like their traditional music, these genres make use of lots of drums.

Another great thing about South African music is that it is all done in different languages. This is because the country has eleven official languages. Our next stop is England. Although pop music is quite popular in this country, English rappers have created their own type of rap music. If you have TikTok you may have heard of it. We are talking about drill music. Now rap music is quite common all over the world. However, English rappers have added their own twist to it by changing the way they do it.