Planning Out Your Bathroom

Andrew Parker
Sep 27, 2022

You may have heard that your home should be a representation of who you are and your personality. Now, this is very easy to do when designing your home. However, it can be a bit difficult when you need to think of your bathroom. Bathrooms are easily forgotten about when you are designing your home. After all, you don’t give much thought to it because you don’t plan on spending much time on it. But with that said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a spectacular bathroom. Here we have a few tips on how you can go about planning out your bathroom.

Sunlight coming through from the window in a stylish bathroom

Getty Images / Moment / Oscar Wong

You may not know this but besides the obvious things like your toilet, shower, and sinks, there is a lot to plan when it comes to a bathroom. Firstly, let’s tackle the largest item, your shower or bath. There are a number of different options when looking at shower and bath designs. What option you go with will depend on a few things. This includes how much space you have to work with, placement, and of cause what size you are looking to have. Once you have a shower or bath in mind then you will be able to think of what kind of sinks you want.

When it comes to skins you can go really basic and simply have one or you can go the extra mile and have two. Most people prefer having two especially if you would like to have a he’s and her’s feel. With your skins out the way, you will need to look at storage options. While looking around for skins, you will notice that many of them come with storage options. These will usually be cupboards or drawers. How much storage you need will solely depend on how much space you want. Do keep in mind that many storage options come in different sizes.