Planning A 'Safe-Cation'

Laura Lee
Jul 06, 2020

This summer is going to be a bit different than other summers. To put it lightly, our dream vacation is probably going to have to be put on hold for now. With the coronavirus pandemic still heavily impacting countries all over the world, the tourism industry has been one of the industries hit hardest. It simply isn’t practical for people to travel to a foreign country at the moment, and in the case of certain countries, those without local passports are officially banned from entering. However, those eager to enjoy a quick getaway to have another option: a “safe-cation.” Planning a short trip to a destination not far from where you live can be a safe alternative to vacationing abroad.

During this time, it is critical to carefully plan your vacation, even if it’s just a mini-vacation. This means checking out which destinations are deemed “safe” for visiting. While some establishments have yet to reopen, many restaurants, hotels, and airline companies are relaxing their restrictions, and slowly welcoming business back. While things are by no means back to normal, people are slowly but surely beginning to travel again.

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Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt/DigitaVision

When planning your “safe-cation,” one of the most important things to consider is the fact that things can change in an instant. Flights may be canceled, hotels might close their doors again, and restaurants may be at operating at limited capacity. Therefore, travelers should always have a Plan-B, and if possible, only book at hotels that include a free cancellation clause in their policy. Most importantly, your vacation plans during this pandemic should always be close to home. You never know what can happen, and during these times especially, better safe than sorry.