Plaid Flannel Shirts: A Fashion Staple

Andrew Parker
May 14, 2023

Throughout the several seasons of the year, fashion trends roll in and out. People become sick of their usual looks, seeking out something new and fresh, running to the malls in the process. In this process, there have been countless pieces that we thought would become classics and be used in our wardrobe for years to come. However, while most have passed by without notice, the plaid flannel shirt has remained a staple in outfits globally, being used through the seasons and through the years as well.

One of the most famous looks that can be used with this shirt includes it being worn on its own. Although usually seen accompanied by other shirts, the plaid flannel shirt can be styled alone as well. If matched with a good pair of black skinny jeans, it shines out from the rest of the outfit, becoming the centerpiece of the person wearing it. While this style is simple, it is a great choice for a semi-formal lunch.

Another great way to style this iconic piece is to throw it on top of a shirt. The best option is to keep the t-shirt on the inside plain, and preferably lighter in color than the plaid flannel shirt. This is to ensure that they can pair well, since the t-shirt doesn’t distract people from the main star of the show.

Yet another timeless look is the one gaining popularity again recently. If layered alongside a slightly baggy hoodie, it creates an outfit that becomes the best part of people’s wardrobes. A great idea would be to combine a light gray hoodie with a red or maroon plaid flannel shirt. This way, not only is the person wearing the outfit ready for their informal meetup, but they’ll also be the most comfortable and fashionable person there.