Peel-Off Nail Colors

Claire Miles
Apr 02, 2023

What’s the hype about peel-off nail colors? Why is everybody raving about them? I thought we were all about gel and acrylic nails but I guess we were wrong. Peel-off nail colors act like normal nail colors; however, they come off easily in a single peel after approximately two days after application. But then why do people like them? Isn’t it worse if your nail color only lasts two days? But there are several reasons why people prefer them and why we should be interested as well. They are readily available at every drugstore and grocery store. But here are some of the reasons why some people prefer them.

Firstly, people like the lack of longevity of these peel-off nail colors. People like the fact that they don’t have to invest in a nail polish remover to remove their nail color. People like how easy it is to remove them. People like the fact that they won’t have to use any acetone or alcohol-based ingredient to remove the nail color. So are we saying this peel-off nail polish is healthy for our nails? Not exactly but it’s better than all the other types of nail colors that are available. These nail polishes are water-based which is why it is easy to remove them. Secondly, they dry relatively quickly which is within a minute whereas other regular nail polishes take significant time to dry. Aren’t we excited the most about this benefit of peel-off nail polishes? We are and we guess, you might be as well.

These peel-off nail colors can be used underneath regular nail colors as well to protect the nail and ensure it can come off easily. All in all, this is what we should be investing in if we don’t prefer gel or acrylic nails. The fashion market works differently but what can we say, we love it and are here for it.