PanGoPod: A Mobile Off-The-Grid Home

Andrew Parker
Nov 09, 2019

The concept of minimalism has taken the world by storm, so it comes as no surprise that more people are turning to tiny homes. PanGoPod offers South Africans an off-the-grid, sustainable, eco-friendly, mobile home. Established by the Biodiversity and Development Institute (BDI), PanGoPod has created their off-the-grid homes in response to the many people who want to reduce their footprint on the planet. PanGoPod explains their inspiration behind the concept in a statement on their website, “We drew inspiration from the ground pangolins, an animal that can roll up in a defensive ball, protected by keratin scales. Beyond this remarkable defensive ploy, pangolins are also mobile and go just about anywhere. Hence…the pangolin pod, the go-anywhere pod — the PanGoPod.'”

Each pod is green, eco-friendly; each runs off solar power, utilizes water from rainwater harvesting tanks, and contains a water-free composting toilet. Called the ‘Eco-throne’, the dry composting toilet uses a funnel that diverts urine out to the grey water, where it’s diluted and drained into the yard. The lower area is an open space with a full kitchen, sleeper couch, and dining nook. The tiny home is powered by solar energy, equipped with a washing machine, and LED lights and fans. The PanGoPods can be customized to order to each owner’s specific needs. It can also be towed with a large 4×4 vehicle.