Art & Culture

Painting and Sculpture During the Renaissance

Laura Lee
Apr 01, 2023

The Renaissance is a very important time in European history that changed the course of painting and sculpture in today’s world. Painting and Sculpture is a way of expressing indefinite emotions and feelings which awakens the creative side of an artist. This era covers the 15 and 16 centuries to revive the ideas and inspiration for the later world. The most impactful artist has to be Leonarda da Vinci who created the ‘Mona Lisa’, a picture that shows the artist’s great skill in artistic capabilities. Renaissance art was the changing of painting from abstract art to more representative portraits of events, people, and scenes. When talking about Renaissance art, the Michelangelo statue of David can’t be missed.

It symbolizes the beauty and adolescence of the early years. The writer has made the city of Florence to express the youthfulness of the city. The paintings and sculptures have been an inspiration for many who think outside of the box. The art spoke volumes of immense important issues which is the real purpose of art to express without speaking. It is for the one who doesn’t have a voice and wants to preserve it for generations. This time period experienced human evolution by getting aware of human dignity, love, and the beauty of the natural world. ‘The Last Supper’ is one of the most loved and sought paintings by Leonardo da Vinci which shows Jesus having his last meal with his disciples. The painting describes life which Jesus describes as the taste of the new life. Even in the 21 century, people are obsessed with the Renaissance era because of the new perspective it gave people. They were able to expand their thinking and ask questions about nature, religion, beliefs, and the natural world.