Oxford Is A City For Book Lovers

Laura Lee
Sep 08, 2020

When we hear the name Oxford, most people instantly think of the university, a place known for its prestigious level of academia. Or, we think of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was first published by the university in 1884. It’s no mere coincidence that all of our associations revolve around books and learning. Apart from being home to the oldest university in the country, the city in central southern England has been inspiring writers throughout history. There is a long list of authors and poets who have visited Oxford and produced some of their greatest literary works during their stay. This prestigious list includes J.R.R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, and many others.

Those who enjoy reading should definitely mark this historical destination on their bucket list. Apart from the rich literary history of the city, Oxford, perhaps unsurprisingly, has some of the world’s finest bookshops. From local independent bookshops to a range of second-hand and charity shops, there is definitely no lack of options when it comes to this category. Perhaps one of the most beloved bookstores in Oxford is Blackwell. Founded in 1879, the exterior of the shop is decidedly unassuming, and one could easily miss it if they weren’t looking for it. However, the inside is something else entirely. Visitors can browse the Norrington Room, which holds the title of the largest room selling books in the world. With three miles of bookshelves offering books of any and all genres, this iconic bookshop is truly a magical experience.


Getty Images/joe daniel price//moment

Another literary landmark is The Last Bookshop, a delightful shop situated near Oxford’s city center in the historic suburb of Jericho. Here, book lovers can sift through a large assortment of second-hand books and are bound to discover some serious finds. For those who enjoy bargain hunting and thrifting, this will be a seriously fun experience. All that’s needed is a bit of patience and some open-mindedness, and visitors are sure to head home with some second-hand gems.

After a day full of browsing the city’s many bookshops, travelers will definitely want to rest their tired feet. Well, it just so happens that Oxford is home to some of the coolest literary pubs in the world, so book lovers can continue their adventure in style – and with some delicious drinks on hand.