Ovens with Cameras: The Future is Here

Claire Miles
Nov 08, 2019

It may sound like an invention from the year 3000, but Miele Generation 7000 can keep an eye on your oven from your smartphone. Miele is an independent, family-owned company established in 1899 which produces household appliances. Miele is also pioneering advanced technology in ovens, kitchen stoves, washing machines, and more. Head of Marketing for Miele, South African Liam Gawne, explains the ethos of the cutting-edge homeware appliance provider. “Miele’s ethos is to manufacture the highest end product. You get a lot of manufacturers in this day and age where products are quite disposable. Our ethos is to manufacture products that will last up to 20 years. We don’t just manufacture them to last forever- they must perform well.” Miele focuses on three pillars: seamless, beautiful design, energy efficiency, and durability.

The new Generation 7000 is a minimalists dream appliance. It offers a new way of cooking, living, making it simpler and quicker. The new appliance launched globally on September 20, 2019, the Generation 7000 is the largest product launch in the history of the company. “Generation 7000 strictly refers to cooking appliances. We have launched a new range of ovens, induction ovens, microwave combination ovens- to name a few. The new range of appliances really focuses on design, to be able to fit into latest design trends fitting into monochromatic spaces,” said Gawne.