Outfit Ideas for a Formal Event

Laura Lee
Mar 04, 2022

If you are a homebody, attending a formal event can be the excitement you need. Now, this excitement may disappear once you can’t figure out what to wear. This doesn’t mean you should go ahead and cancel. No, don’t do that. You can still go and enjoy yourself, all you need is a few tips on what to wear and you are all sorted. That’s exactly what you will get right here.

Regardless of the occasion, wearing all black is a safe bet. Yes, that’s right, all black. Don’t worry, you won’t look like you are attending a funeral. Instead, you will look sleek, slim, and put together. You see, black is a great color to go with because you won’t be clashing with any of the color schemes and you won’t be outshining the bride if you are attending a wedding. Now when getting dressed you can literally go with black from head to toe.

Young woman wearing a little black dress

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

With it being a formal event you can definitely get away with wearing a formal gown. You may already have one from a previous even or you might have simply bought it because you liked how it look. Wearing a formal gown will go perfect especially if the dress code is black tie. With that said, you can go all out when it comes to your gown. There is a variety of color options that you can go with that will perfectly fit your event.

When it comes to your footwear for a formal event, you may think that you can only wear heels. Now yes, heels are perfect if you are looking to add some extra glitz and glamour to your look. If you are comfortable with wearing them all day, then you should definitely go ahead. However, if you aren’t too comfortable wearing heels, you still have options for formal events. That’s right you can actually go with flats. More specifically you can go with pumps.