Oscars 2020 Trends

Laura Lee
Jan 26, 2020

There are many occasions in one’s life to make a fashion statement, but perhaps none better than the Oscars ceremony. Fortunately, those lucky enough to be in attendance certainly didn’t fail to impress – not only by dazzling us viewers at home with their gorgeous looks but by making their footprint in the fast-paced world of fashion.

These award ceremonies are of course a contest between artists in the film industry, but there is generally a separate sideshow competition of who dares to bare more on the runway. Which makes the 2020 Oscars totally different. Because one of the most unique trends to show up on the runway was the “no-skin” look. One of those most interesting of these modest looks has got to be Janelle Monae’s sparkly hooded ensemble. Strutting the look with several statement diamond rings and bright red lipstick, Monae made it clear that one can still exude sensuality and femininity without an all-sheer dress or a plunging neckline. Another celeb to rock this look was Maya Rudolf. In a pumpkin-colored sequined Valentino frock, she managed to steal the show without showing much at all.

Another trend that made an appearance on the red carpet was capes. Yup, that floaty black thing Count Dracula wears is totally making a comeback – but this time, with sparkles. From Brie Larson’s elegant light-colored Celine frock to Natalie Portman’s vampy Dior look, we’re definitely expecting to see more of this fashion statement in 2020.

We can’t end off this list without mentioning the sheer amount of pink present at the ceremony. Julia Butters gave us some serious Glinda vibes in a poofy bubble-gum-pink frock fit for a fairytale. Regina King made a subtle nod to the girly hue with her ultra-glam Atelier Versace jewels. All in all, it seems like we can look forward to a really exciting fashion year.