New Styles of Ear Piercings

Laura Lee
Feb 12, 2023

How many piercings are too many piercings? Have you ever asked yourself that? There is a large community that believes in getting several ear piercings frequently and looking good with them as well. Yes, ear piercings take a certain amount of time to heal but if you get your ears pierced in the right season, you don’t have to worry about anything. But how do you know when to stop? Ear piercings have long been a part of human history and this trend isn’t going anywhere because people have found different ways to style their piercings. With different accessories launching frequently, people have been motivated to get more ear piercings.

Beautiful woman in front of plain background - stock photo

Getty Images / Moment / Phamai Techaphan

There are several different ways to style these piercings. If you are like us and have lost one earring from a different pair, you don’t have to throw them out. New trends are coming every year and 2022 brought us the trend of wearing different pairs of earrings on both sides. It’s easy to lose earrings but we need to make the most of the remaining pairs as well. If the other side of the piercing is infected, that doesn’t mean you have to leave both piercings empty. Style the uninfected one as you wish. Wear dangling earrings in that piercing and leave the other empty. Dangling earrings have been trending in 2022 as they suit studs. It gives a trendy look and adds some style to your outfit as well. Moreover, there are different trends of earrings for example animated or cartoon earrings which suit a minimalistic outfit. Jewelry adds a touch of trendiness which the outfit might not.

There is no set number for ear piercings. Get as many as you want to until you are comfortable with them. Mix and match with different types of earrings and studs. After all, jewelry is a woman’s best friend.