New Luxury Hotel On Top Of A Secret Tunnel To Harrods

Marc Gordon
Apr 14, 2020

There are many activities one might want to indulge in while on vacation. From swimming at the beach to sight-seeing, there really are no rules about how to enjoy your relaxing holiday. But if shopping for high-end goods while on vacation is your forte, London might just be the city for you. Just recently, a $400 million dollar luxury hotel was approved to commence building. And apparently, the hotel isn’t just in a prime shopping area – it’s literally sitting on top of a secret tunnel leading directly to the iconic London department store, Harrods.

The luxury hotel is replacing a multi-story parking lot and will take approximately 2.5 years to build. The building is so close to Harrods that they are connected by a secret underground tunnel. Plans for the eight-story hotel include 120 deluxe rooms and a bar on the top floor. Additionally, a whopping 23,000 square feet dedicated to spa and retail facilities, making this hotel the perfect lodging for those who wish to enjoy some massage therapy – and perhaps some retail therapy as well. Three of the hotel’s floors will be below ground and five will be above.

luxury hotel room

Getty Images/Thomas Barwick/OJO Images

Opening its doors in 1849, Harrods has been an iconic London landmark for many years. The seven-story department store is located in Knightsbridge, an exclusive neighborhood in the heart of Central London known for its gourmet restaurants and charming Victorian-style houses. The luxury goods retailer is certainly one of Knightbridge’s main attractions, and now, plans for a $400 million luxury hotel are giving people another reason to put this upscale residential district on their destination list. The tunnel, however, will not connect the hotel and Harrods. According to a spokesperson for the department store, the tunnel has been blocked for 20 years and will remain blocked for the foreseeable future. Eager shoppers will just have to walk. Fortunately for them, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away.