Nail Designs That Are Subtly Stylish

Marc Gordon
Feb 22, 2023

Nail designs have changed significantly over the past two years because people prefer minimalism over any other design. Nail designs were more exaggerated earlier but now they look more simple and subtle. There are several reasons and advantages for that as well. But simpler nail designs are cheaper as well. People invest in higher quality fake nails or acrylics to go slightly easy on nail designs. Whatever design you get, will affect the quality of your nail and your natural nail might grow weak and can break off easily as well. Nail designs are changing everywhere because influencers and celebrities are moving towards simpler nail designs.

Cropped Hands On Colorful Papers - stock photo

Getty Images / EyeEm / Egor Novikov / EyeEm

If we compare these nail designs from two years ago and now, earlier nail designs were more extravagant with diamonds and different elements. These elements would sometimes fall onto the skin beside the nails. The colors were darker and brighter as well and people would get acrylics according to the season theme. However, things are different now with people getting shorter acrylic nails and different nail designs. People have moved to plain color paints with transparent nails with colorful borders. Some people get colorful nails as well which means each nail has a different color or people get abstract designs as well. These are easier to match your outfit and the season as well because they are generic and not season/theme specific. With exaggerated nail designs, it is difficult to match every colored outfit with them and that limits your options greatly as well.

Simple nail designs don’t take a lot of time and you can get them done from your nail appointment early. Moreover, you can do these designs at home as well if you have adequate equipment for them. Several local businesses sell nail kits that have everything you could need.