Must-Visit Beaches In San Diego

Laura Lee
Jun 21, 2020

The city of San Diego is known for its relaxed vibes. This is especially true when compared with its fellow California city Los Angeles, which is known for its upscale avenues and star-studded nightlife. If you’re looking for a more laidback getaway in the Golden State, San Diego is definitely the destination for you. The city’s year-round sunny weather makes it one of the top vacation spots in the country. However, there’s another factor that draws over 35 million tourists each year: San Diego’s world-renowned beaches. Locals and tourists alike just love basking in the sun on the city’s stunning shoreline. and luckily, there are enough beautiful beaches for everyone.


Getty Images/Brandon Colbert Photography/Moment

One of the most popular beaches in San Diego is La Jolla Shores. Situated alongside the historic neighborhood of the same name, La Jolla Shores features a mile-long stretch of sparkling white sand and uniquely calm waters. This laidback beach is an especially popular relaxation spot amongst local families. Another great spot to relax under the sun is Coronado Beach. Located in San Diego Bay, the beach is actually situated on an island, which happens to be a protected natural zone. For those looking for a fun day of exploration and nature, along with picturesque views of the city skyline, Coronado beach is definitely the best spot in San Diego. If you want to spend the day chilling with your dogs in nature, there’s no better spot than Ocean Beach. The dog-friendly beach is great for pet owners who just can’t bear to leave their four-legged loved ones at home. Hit up Ocean Beach for sunbathing, surfing, and of course, swimming with your canine best friend.