Must-Have Handbags This Spring

Claire Miles
Mar 21, 2021

After long, cold months of winter, spring is finally here again. With the warmer weather, we’ll be going out in the world to explore and enjoy life. So we’ll be needing a trusty handbag to carry all of our things. This season, designers are bringing fashionable practicality to a whole new level.

Chunky Chains

Close-up of woman wearing light jeans and black leather jacket holding a Bottega Veneta bag

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

Combining the elegance of golden chains and the comfort of chunky straps, this new trend has the power to make any outfit fashionable while still keeping it practical. An important reminder is to always match the color of all metal details across your outfit – gold chains and gold buttons will elevate your look even more.

Curved Carryall

Close-up of woman wearing beige dress holding beige purse

Getty Images / WireImage / Naomi Rahim

Carryall bags had their moment a few years back and seemed to have been gone for good. But just like other fashion trends, it came back new and improved. Now with curvier shapes and softer materials, these under-the-shoulder bags look effortlessly chic and have a more comfortable feel for everyday use.


Close-up of model on runway wearing pink clothes and pink chanel bag

Getty Images / WireImage / Naomi Rahim

Color-blocking is another trend that is returning to the runways – in fact, some will argue it never left. Just like monochromatic looks, color-blocking is a very safe way to keep your look fashionable but chic. This spring, bright-colored handbags are going to be everywhere, so pick your favorite color and go for it.