Music That Sets The Mood

Andrew Parker
Jul 12, 2022

Do you want to know what is considered to be the most universal thing in the world? Well, that would definitely be music. You see even though there are hundreds if not thousands of different languages spoken all over the world, the one thing everyone can enjoy with translation is music. This is because all you really need to enjoy music is to like what you hear. That’s right, you don’t really need to understand what the singer or rapper is saying. With that said there is so much music created throughout the world that you can listen to set the mood.

Vinyl record on pink background. Several musical notes are born of the vinyl record

Getty Images / Moment / Juana Mari Moya

In order to know what songs to play to set the mood, you need to know what type of mood you are setting. Are you looking for a relaxed vibe, a hyped-up vibe, or something romantic? You see there is literally music for every mood that you may feel. Did you know that you can actually open Google and simply type in what type of mood you are trying to set, and you will get an entire list of songs? That’s right, we live in such a technologically driven world that you don’t have to spend hours searching for a playlist. All you have to do is open any streaming platform and you will find different categories of music at the touch of a button.

Now let’s discuss what music will actually set the mood. Once you know what type of mood you are trying to set this will be much easier. Let’s use a calming mood as an example. If you are trying to set a calming mood, chances are that you don’t really want noise. Instead, you want music that can bring your heart rate down. So to do this you will listen to mellow sounds. You can also listen to white noise music. You see the type of music you listen to will also impact your mood. For example, if you are trying to get excited or push through a workout, you will listen to something that is upbeat and relatively fast.