Music That Gets You Hype

Claire Miles
Mar 13, 2022

Finding the inner motivation to do your chores, study or even just work out can be hard sometimes. But you will notice that with the right playlist you instantly have the motivation you have been looking for. With that said, your playlist may be on shuffle so you might not know what song got you in the mood or what song got you hype. Luckily there are a few things you can look at to identify music that gets you hype.

Whether or not a song hypes you up all depends on the beat. Well, not the beat alone. It also depends on the tempo. A song is more likely to get you moving and grooving when it has a solid beat and an upbeat tempo. You see your body and mind will automatically want to move. If a song is really good, you will notice that you get into it so much that you have completely lost track of time. That is because you are more focused on the beat than what you are actually doing.

High Angle View Of Audio Cassettes On Table

Getty Images / EyeEm / Supanat Chantra

Most songs have lyrics unless you are listening to trace, house or dubstep. Songs with positive lyrics tend to put you in a much better mood. You will notice that you start to feel good simply by listening to the lyrics. Now you may know the lyrics to the song already. Once you know the words, you are more likely to get excited once you hear it. You will then instantly start singing along to the song. This then helps lighten your mood and get you feeling hyped.

Lastly, if a song is more popular it is more likely to get you excited. You see you may not think it but we tend to listen to music that others are listening to at the moment. This is how some songs reach number 1 on the charts. Listening to something familiar will also get you in the mood to do everything you need to. Now do remember that it doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to as long as you like it.