Mountain or Beach?

Andrew Parker
Dec 02, 2022

When picking a place for your next vacation you think about where you are going to have the most beautiful views of nature but you can use it to relax and get out of your everyday head. Different people have different preferences and what they call more beautiful and in terms of nature, it is usually either mountains or beaches. They’re both some of the most beautiful parts of nature and having to experience them can be the most relaxing time and the best way to spend your vacation and get some great pictures to make memories that would last a lifetime.

The first thing that you could think of when making your decision is considering your health standards. If you suffer from asthma or have trouble breathing then no matter how much you like the mountains, you might be better off going to the beach. The same goes for having trouble walking long distances or over steep areas because there is a good chance that the best views in the mountains are only going to be accessible after a long trek.

Once you have put aside your health issues, start thinking about the kind of things you want to be doing during the vacations. If you want to go diving, kayaking, surfing, or any other water sports to refresh yourself then you have your answer at the beach. Instead, if you want to make a romantic getaway or take some time for yourself, then you might be more interested in stargazing under the moonlit skies.

Getting the best of both worlds could be in the valleys if there are beautiful rivers and lakes to the destination that you have picked. There is nothing more beautiful than having your feet dipped in the lake, surrounded by the quiet of the mountains, and if you can’t decide where to go, then that might be your best bet.