Modern Street Style

Laura Lee
Apr 05, 2023

The fashion trends of wearing skinny jeans or skin-fitted tops are slowly leaving the fashion market. People have started to adapt to wearing loose clothing or “street style” which is just the term that is given to such clothes. Over time, people started wearing oversized shirts as they were comfortable to lounge in. Clothing brands saw a market for oversized shirts so they started selling oversized shirts that people could wear outside of their comfort homes as well.

These clothing brands saw different celebrities and influencers wearing such outfits on the streets so they realized that their fans would want to follow a similar style. This is how the street style market began. Later on, brands became more creative and started pairing oversized shirts with biker shorts, denim shorts, black tights, etc. This was the time when mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and flared jeans entered the market. People started wearing such jeans with oversized shirts because they made a comfortable outfit. Street style outfits are those that emit comfort and style.

We can’t ensure that street style is here to stay in the fashion market but we know that people would not start wearing clothes that make them feel uncomfortable. Back when skinny jeans and skin-fitted tops were trending, people used to criticize how it was difficult to breathe in them. Street style outfits can also be those outfits that are a complete mismatch but with the right accessories, they are the perfect match. Feel free to mix different colors with unconventional accessories and feel comfortable in your clothing.

However, not all street style outfits are the most comfortable because some designers also label corsets as part of street style. Although some corsets might be pleasing to wear, that depends on the clothing quality as well. But as much as we know, street style equals comfort. There are several different categories under street-style so choose your pick.