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Michelin Guide Shares Chefs Favorite Recipes On Their Instagram Account

Claire Miles
May 02, 2020

There are many things from our lives before the current stay-at-home restrictions. Perhaps one of the things that we miss most is the simple pleasure of going out and enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant. It might seem trivial compared to the many other problems we as a society are facing right now, but ultimately, good food can be incredibly comforting, and we could sure use some comfort right about now. Since we can’t visit restaurants right now, the Michelin Guide has decided to brighten up our lives – and our Instagram feeds – by kicking off a new “at home” series, in which top chefs share the recipes for their favorite dishes. So far, the renowned organization has posted over 30 recipes, including dishes like shakshuka, pork dumplings, Cacio e Pepe, and even chocolate chip cookies.

The first recipe posted was a marinara sauce by none other than Gordon Ramsey. The recipe calls for tomatoes, red wine, onion, olive oil, garlic, tomato paste, and basil. If you’re lacking any of these fresh ingredients, don’t panic. Just check your spice rack. “As a general rule, use what you might like on a pizza, like garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, fennel, or celery salt,” advised the “MasterChef” himself. Emma Benttson, executive chef of twice Michellin-starred New York restaurant Aquavit, shared her recipe for split pea soup. And for anyone craving pad thai, Andy Yang of Bangkok restaurant Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu shared the recipe for his signature dish.

chef sprinkling powder on a cake

Getty Images/Gokhan Celem/EyeEm

For those seeking more of a sweet treat, the “At Home” series has posted plenty of gourmet dessert recipes as well. French chef Jacques Faussat graciously shared his recipe for his famous orange cake, offering at-home bakers a simple 7-ingredient dessert. If you’re celebrating the birthday of a loved one, then Jean Suplice’s luxurious chocolate cake is exactly what you need. The youngest chef ever to receive a Michelin star, Surplice recommends decorating the cake with pieces of chocolate in order to “take the decadence up a notch.”

The Michelin Guide’s new series came at just the right time for those of us who are cooking at home and could really use some inspiration from the professionals. The great thing about the series is that many of the recipes posted can be made in four steps or less. While making these meals at home might not be the same as dining at a Michelin star restaurant, it’s certainly a welcome substitute for now, and at a much lower price.