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Metamorphosis of Celebrity Culture

Marc Gordon
Jan 16, 2023

Nowadays, the idea of social media fame—specifically Instagram fame—has proven quite lucrative. Having such a large following has been used to promote celebrities, and now everyone is following suit. We can now see all of our local superstars online, ready to take on the world. This raises an essential question: Are these “self-proclaimed stars alleged to be competent actors”? For a star, it’s more important to find fulfillment in what they do and the originality they exhibit than it is to be as visible as possible across numerous platforms. The youthful lot are perplexed about where they should exert more effort due to the mingling of followers and craft.

Celebrity posing for paparazzi on red carpet - stock photo

Getty Images / OJO Images / Tom Merton

Because Stars’ who merely know the proper perspective for snapping images are sometimes ignored and allowed to let their careers die out, those who take the time to learn the skill of those creative processes. We have witnessed celebrities like the Kardashians and Kendell Jenner make millions of dollars over the years by promoting a variety of businesses and publicizing their opulent lifestyles. While the younger generation does appreciate this, a clear distinction between the two genres needs to be made.

We need to think about how this internet nonsense has changed our view of celebrities. Some of our seasoned stars have demonstrated their brilliance via their work, therefore for them, the social media platform is less significant. The degree to which a person utilizes social media is a highly personal decision, and it may be useful for celebrities as well, but it’s critical for the entertainment business to avoid confusing the two separate concepts. It is important that no one’s skill is minimized since, while becoming famous might be easy, maintaining it demands hard and putting up constant effort in whatever you do. All in all, celebrity culture is an amalgamation of benefits but the cons also come with it.