Melodious Benefits of Music Therapy

Andrew Parker
Apr 23, 2023

Music therapy is a field of treatment known to help with both chronic mental health conditions as well as everyday signs of anxiety and tension. This article will focus more on how we can use music therapy for everyday use and ensure that it can help us to navigate through our everyday life.

Couple Relaxing while Listening to a Man Playing Gong


Music therapy has been extensively researched. Recently, many psychologists and therapists have concluded that it is known to be a greatly enriching experience not only mentally but also emotionally, cognitively, and socially. Not only this, researchers have concluded a list of its benefits which include increasing joy, reducing muscle tension greatly, improved memory, and lowered blood pressure. The credibility of music therapy comes from historical backgrounds where music therapy was practiced on military men in the US Army during the 1940s. Music therapy takes place in areas such as hospitals or mental health clinics. These clinics are specially equipped with a good sound system to ensure that a smooth session takes place.

Music therapy has a lot of different methods combined together. This means that psychologists use different techniques such as using music together or discussing lyrics or moving according to the beats of the music. Many people are concerned about the credibility of these methods. For this, it is important that you realize that methods have been so reliable that they have been frequently practiced on military men to calm their nerves down and strengthen their emotional and mental states. Music therapy is known to expel all the unwanted and bottled-up emotions that you fight with every day.