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Meditation Singing Bowls

Marc Gordon
Jan 31, 2022

Trying to meditate is hard, trying to meditate alone is even harder. After all, we’ve all fallen asleep trying to meditate before. Thankfully, the art of meditation has evolved and come a long way. Today, you will be able to find meditation groups and even meditation singing bowls that can help. You might be a bit confused but you don’t have to be. Here you can find out everything you need about meditation singing bowls.

Let’s get our terminology straight. Although you may have heard of them as singing bowls, they are actually called Tibetan singing bowls or Himalayan bowls. Much like a horn, this is a bowl that basically vibrates and creates rich, deep tones when played. The art form of Tibetan singing bowls dates back to the 16th-century BC. You may have seen your favorite celebrities snapping a picture of a meditation session using Tibetan singing bowls. But what is their real purpose? Although they have been around for centuries there isn’t much scientific research done on them. However, we do live in a day and
age of public opinion and many people have said that Tibetan singing bowls have helps them relax.

Three Tibetan singing bowls

Getty Images / RooM / RenataAphotography

It is said that the bowls can be used to help with stress relief and improve sleep. Tibetan singing bowls have been linked to decreasing anxiety and tension, which have in turn helped with insomnia. One study has linked Tibetan singing bowls to the improvement of moods. In order to use the bowls correctly, you will need a professional. You will need to be laying down while the bowls are being played. The bowls will need to be placed on your body or on the floor next to you. Someone will need to firmly press the mallet
against the bowl in circular motions. Regardless of the type of meditation you do, it will require a level of commitment from you.